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Family photos that look and feel like the real you!

Based in Melbourne, Australia

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
— Katie Thurmes


I always thought it was because I was right-brain dominant, that I get this fuzzy feeling inside my body when I look at photos.

But as I’ve grown up and become some what of a ‘real’ adult, I think it’s more about how the world, and life in general, changes through the years, that makes us want to preserve our now so that we can look back on it later and talk about the ‘good ol’ days’.

Let me know if you’re left-brain dominant and still feel the same way ;)


You know how it feels…

…to pull out an old box of photos and the memories come flooding in? Our session will have that very effect on you!

Gosh, my Mum has a David Jones plastic bag full of old polaroids and snap shots. This is why I am where I am. This is why I love to meet people, hear their stories and capture the moments that flutter by in an instant, without them even realising that it was a moment of importance and value to them. A moment that they could never put into words, but could feel that exact feeling over and over and over, just by looking at a single picture.


The families that tend to get in touch and book me for a session are those who are looking for something like those old polaroids.

Not necessarily perfection or our ‘Sunday best’, but images that pull at the heart strings.

Images that make all those emotions come rushing back when you look at them.

Tangible memories.


Get in the frame!

I know, I know, mobile phones do a great job these days. But what they don’t capture is YOU with your family, relaxed and enjoying being in the moment, rather than being the one trying to capture it.

Forget the excuses. You know that deep down, there’s a part of you that really just wants some sweet, honest family photos.