This is me...

Hi, I’m Marlene


A 30 something introverted extrovert living in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

I love simple things. I’m such a home-body. I love good food, art, photos.

I love love love the sky and the clouds. I could lay on the trampoline on a warm day getting lost in the sky and the clouds.

I love hoodies in winter, flip flops in summer, hot chocolate, lemon flavour, peppermint flavour, coffee flavoured anything (but not drinking coffee for some reason), all the herbal teas, the colour yellow…

Most of all I love my 3 kids and my husband. They drive me insane. We probably drive each other insane, if I’m to be completely honest! But who would have it any other way? Not me <3

I love to photograph love and happiness and all the emotions in between. I believe that every one of us has our own unique and special story to tell.

This is what I see.

I see you.

I see that you have your very own wonderful story to tell.

I hope you will share it with me so we can celebrate it together.