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We wanted a candid, intimate style of photography at our very personal wedding. The
fact that Marlene has a family photography background immediately caught
our attention. Having met Marlene on Skype we were further put at ease by her easy going and personable nature.

From start to finish, working with you was a pleasure. You immediately knew the style of photography that we were after. On the day itself, you were the ultimate professional. Appearing to fade into the background yet able to capture the most intimate memories of our special day.
ALL our family and friends have been blown over by the unique and
intimate nature of the photos you produced. Many of our
family and friends commented at just how accommodating you were on the day itself.

Now that our wedding day has past, and the fantastic photos have been delivered, we feel that our investment represented incredible value – in fact, almost too good to be true. You seem to devote an exceptionally generous amount of your time before, during and after the session, to ensure that all our needs were catered for.
Unique, professional, seamless – our entire experience was 100% positive.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends if they wanted a first rate photographer to capture those intimate moments of a special family occasion, and deliver unique & timeless photos!

~ Hannah and Rob ~


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We are both super uncomfortable in front of a camera. The minute the camera is pointed at us, our faces look weird so we were very nervous about having photography for our wedding. I’m so glad that we did! We haven’t pulled any weird faces. I love that all of them are so relaxed looking, not staged.

From the first phone call it was super easy and comfortable then on the day you just blended in, took beautiful photos and made us feel comfortable. You could tell when we were awkward and changed things up straight away. My mother is your biggest fan now!! Everyone commented on how lovely and easy going you were. Then we received our package in the mail and it was so beautifully presented.

You just blended in as one of the family, you went with our super relaxed approach and produced amazing natural photos.

~ Courtney and Cail ~




Before our session, I was concerned about how the children would behave, and if you would be able to work around any behavioural challenges/tantrums/disagreeable toddler events. I was worried that there were so many of us that maybe we wouldn’t be able to all coordinate ourselves to have a photo all together, or not everyone would get their turn.
It turned out to be an effortless (on our behalf!) experience and just such a lovely morning.

The photos were prepared quickly and getting to have a “sneak peek” was wonderful, it made me so excited to see the finished product. The photobook was just beautiful. I love how it tells the story of our morning and captures so many little moments that I missed.
I knew from previously working with you that you’re utterly committed to the project. I never felt rushed or that we were working to a time frame. It took the pressure off and made it feel like we were just having a family outing.
My husband and I were delighted with the photos, and we were so impressed with how easily and effortlessly you moved around us. It never felt uncomfortable or forced, or dragged out, and the resulting pictures were proof of this. We both loved looking over the finished product and reminiscing about the day. The children also loved it, for them it wasn’t a boring photo session with lots of posing, but just a fun morning beach adventure with a lovely warm café visit afterwards.
It was just SO relaxed.

As a mum who is so often behind the camera, and misses so many little moments and interactions, it was just priceless to have a beautiful morning made into a tangible memory.

~ Leanne and Gavin ~



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